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Club Round Up: 19th February 2022

21st February 2022

By Surbiton HC

A slightly quieter weekend with the half term holidays, but plenty of SHC players played league, cup and friendly matches in some pretty windy and rainy conditions.

Many thanks must also go to our fantastic team of volunteer umpires who braved the weather to whistle games on Saturday: Nat Pirie, Craig Schultz, Ray Borrow, Adam Langford, Wendy Beaney, Barney Christopher, James Lloyd

Ladies Results
Ladies 1s 1 - 0 Wimbledon 1s - match report
Ladies 2s 5 - 2 Trojans 1s - match report
Ladies 3s/4s 6 - 2 Reigate
Ladies 5s 0 - 2 London Eds 1s - match report
Sparks/Ladies 7s 4 - 3 Ladies 6s/8s [internal]
Ladies 9s / Sirens 0 - 2 Reigate 4s

Men’s Results
Men’s 1s 1 - 5 Old Georgians 1s - match report
Men’s 2s 4 - 2 Henley 1s [Cup] - match report
Men’s 3s 0 - 3 East Grinstead 2s [Cup]
Men’s 3As bye
Men’s 4.5s 4 - 2 Holcombe 5s [Cup]
Men’s 6s bye
Sparticans 1 - 3 Cheam 1s [Cup]
Cobras bye
Mongooses bye
Magnets 1 - 0 Reading Supervets
Vintage 3 - 4 Eastcote Past Masters - match report

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Ladies 5s defend a penalty corner against London Eds 1s