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Club Board & Administration

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Club Captain Sian Craze
Club President Andy Powdrell 
Club Secretary  Charlotte Beaney
Club Vice Captain Steve Quincey
Club Finance Manager Sean Peche
Membership Secretary  Gill Griffiths
Surbiton HC Enquiries  Will Fulker
Fixtures Secretary Chrissie Wilson-David
Club Kit SHC Tacklebag
SHC Covid Officer Liselle Carey
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Clubhouse & Facilities

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Clubhouse, Facilities & Catering Manager Sam Macfarlane
Pitch Bookings Liselle Carey
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Senior Teams

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Chair of Men's Selection  James Lloyd
Chair of Ladies Selection  Valerie Beveridge
Men's 1s Manager Matt Jones
Women's 1s Manager  James Baker 

Please visit our Team Contacts page to email team captains or managers


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Chair of Juniors Fred Moore
Junior Administrator Liselle Carey
Coaching Director Will Fulker
Director of Junior Hockey Frankie Bryant
Junior Fixtures Dawn Parry
Safeguarding Officer Sian Craze (interim)
Junior Volunteering Liselle Carey
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Community & Social Hockey

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Back to Hockey Roger Hitch
Mixed Hockey Sammy Reed
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SHC Sponsorship, Media & Communications 

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Sponsorship Sponsorship Team
Media Manager / SHC Magazine / Club Newsletters Beckie Middleton
Press Officer Colin Pike
SHC Social Media Ceci Rodrigues Turano


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Social & Volunteering

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Old Members  Rob Dunn
SHC Blazers Andy Powdrell
Club Volunteering Sian Craze
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