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Back to Hockey [B2H] is aimed at people who haven't played hockey for a number of years, or have never played before but would like to give it a try.

To be kept in the loop about getting involved in our Back 2 Hockey programme in 2022/23, please join SHC as a Back 2 Hockey member via Teamo by clicking here and following the instructions.

Click here for more information about B2H

It's a fun, relaxed and affordable way to learn about the game, get fit and meet other members. The B2H programme at Surbiton HC has been running for around six years and many have enjoyed playing so much that they want regular matches in addition to the weekly B2H training sessions led by expert coaches. In recent years, a number of new Surbiton teams (Sparticans, Sirens and Cobras) have been launched and these sides are filled with Back to Hockey ‘graduates’.

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Having not picked up a stick for over 20 years, I debated (for quite a long time!) whether it was a good idea to join... eventually I put my stupidity aside and I embraced the stick yet again. WOW! What a feeling, it all came rushing back, and even though my skills were questionable, no one cared. A great team spirit and a very welcoming crew make my Back to Hockey evenings something quite special.

So, if you have ever watched a match or supported your child from the sidelines and thought, "I wish I'd played hockey when I was younger" or just want to have a go, think no further!

Email us for more information or to find out more about coming along for a trial session. You won't be disappointed!