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England Hockey has a Code of Ethics & Behaviour that covers all people involved in hockey in this country. Everyone involved in the sport should promote equality of access and opportunity, fairness and respect.

All those involved within hockey have a responsibility to act according to the highest standards of integrity and to ensure that the reputation of the sport remains high. This Code encapsulates all of the sporting, moral and ethical principles that hockey represents and is intended for all participants and disciplines within the sport however they choose to participate – as a player, umpire, coach, official, volunteer or a parent supporting on the sidelines.

Surbiton Hockey Club adheres to the England Hockey (EH) Codes of Conduct, which apply to all players involved in hockey in England. This is an extension of EH’s generic code of behaviour and includes specific standards that we expect of all players at Surbiton. Please read our Code of Conduct to read the standards of behaviour that we expect of all players at Surbiton HC.

We store and handle members’ information on the Teamo database and app. This platform is fully GDPR compliant. Our Privacy Policy describes how Surbiton Hockey Club collects, uses and safeguards any information provided to us. Please check our Privacy Notice for more details.