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Colts Results Round Up:
2nd February


4th February 2020

By Surbiton HC

Another big Sunday of Colts fixtures was played at the weekend, including a number of Tier 2 Cup games. 

We also ran an Under 8 Mixed festival at the club on Sunday - well done to all the players and a big thank you to everyone who helped make the event run smoothly.

As a reminder for Colts spectators at Sugden Road, the weekly cake sale is also in full swing every Sunday morning!

Parents - don't miss Bingo Night at the club next Saturday 15th February!

Winner of this week’s Whole Club Colts Player of the Match Award: 
MATT SHINN (BU14 Sharks)
Thank you to Bathroom Eleven for sponsoring this award

Winner of this week’s Colts Cup Player of the Match Award: 
Thank you to Aspire USA for sponsoring this award


Colts Results: Sunday 2nd February

England Hockey Tier 2 Cup games

Boys U14 Prem 0 - 4 Wimbledon 
Player of the Match: Seth H

Boys U14 Scorpions 1 - 2 Teddington BU14 B
Boys U14 Scorpions 2 - 1 Jersey BU14
Player of the Matches: Joe G

Girls U14 Ospreys 7 - 0 Old Georgians GU14 Fire
Player of the Match: Amelie H

Girls U16 Eagles 8 - 1 Old Kingstonians GU16 Whites
Player of the Match: Alex N

League & Friendly Games

Girls U12 internal tournament
Players of the Match: Anna G, Sofia G, Jess T, Mana M

Girls U12 D Harriers 0 - 3 Guildford GU12 Shadows
Player of the Match: Erin G

Boys U14 Dev C 1 - 7 Tulse Hill & Dulwich BU14

Boys U14 Stoats 2 - 3 Canterbury BU14 D

Boys U14 Sharks 2 - 2 Old Georgians BU14 Fire [match report]
Player of the Match: Matt S

Girls U14 D Harriers 3 - 1 Spencer GU14 Fireflies
Player of the Match: Hannah H

Girls U14 Ospreys 8 - 0 Old Cranleighans GU14 Hurricanes
Player of the Match: Orla H

Girls U14 Hawks 1 - 2 Ealing GU14 Eagles
Player of the Match: Francesca M

Girls U14 Doves 2 - 2 Guildford GU14 B
Player of the Match: Taylor N

Boys U16 Prem 2 - 1 Reading BU16
Player of the Match: Luca F

Girls U16 Eagles 5 - 0 Guildford GU16 D
Player of the Match: Mimi S

Girls U16 D Swans 2 - 4 Hampstead & Westminster GU16 Whites
Player of the Match: Sophie D

Girls U16 Prem 3 - 3 Guildford GU16 B
Players of the Match: Nat B & Tabitha E

The BU14 Sharks secured an epic 2-2 draw against OGs