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Colts Results Round Up: 8th December


10th December 2019

Last weekend’s Colts Round Up...

It was the final day of pre-Christmas Colts team fixtures on Sunday, with two EH Cup games and a number of other junior sides in action. A number of teams have sent in match reports this week - please click on the links to read these.

This Sunday, we look forward to the Annual Tony Smith Tournament at Sugden Road. 

Player of the Match Awards

Winner of this week’s Colts Cup Games Player of the Match Award:
Tabitha Evans (GU14 - Tier 1 Cup)
Thank you to Aspire USA for sponsoring this award

Winner of this week’s Whole Club Colts Player of the Match Award:
Ray Runnicles (BU14 Sharks)
Thank you to Bathroom Eleven for sponsoring this award


EH Cup Results

Girls U14 Tier 1 Cup 9 - 0 Canterbury GU14
Player of the Match: Tabitha E

Girls U16 Eagles 2 - 0 Old Cranleighans GU16
Player of the Match: Liv H

Colts Results

Boys U10 3 - 4 Wimbledon BU10
Player of the Match: Bradley M

Boys U12 Mini & Stingrays vs Wimbledon
Players of the Match: Luke J & Jack L

Girls U14 D Finches 2 - 1 Guildford GU14 C 
Player of the Match: Amelie B

Girls U14 Prem 0 - 6 Wimbledon GU14 Stormers
Player of the Match: Yazi F

Boys U14 Sharks 5 - 0 Woking BU14 [match report]
Player of the Match: Ray R

Boys U14 Stoats 7 - 3 Ashford (Kent) BU14 B
Player of the Match: Tom C

Boys U14 Scorpions 3 - 2 London Wayfarers BU14 A [match report]
Player of the Match:

Boys U14 Dev B 3 - 4 Purley Walcountians BU14 D
Player of the Match: Max M

Boys U14 Dev C 2 - 0 Old Cranleighans BU14 B [match report]
Player of the Match: Sam R

Girls Under 16 Dev Eagles 0 - 5 Barnes GU16
Player of the Match: Mimi S

Girls U16 Swifts 1 - 5 Southgate GU16
Player of the Match: Ella C

Boys U16 Seals 0 - 5 Guildford BU16
Player of the Match: Alessio DB