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Sirens 1 - 5 Berrylands 1s (H)

11th March 2024

By Tracey House

Team: Sophia (GK), Sophie V, Suz, Victoria W, Hayley, Katie, Claire T, Cleo, Nao, Surge, Tessa, Sacha, Victoria T, Jo, Jackie, Claire J

Coach: Tracey

Umpires: Luca and Wendy

Sophia made some awesome saves. Victoria T scored a screamer. Hayley ended up on the floor, Tracey seemed to shout a lot (sorry), Nao and Claire J worked hard in new positions. Sacha couldn’t find her gum shield only to find it was in her sock the whole time (at the end of the game!). 

The SOS bag provided: a gum shield, hair band and some paracetamol. Good job! 

After the game we had an amazing birthday cake from Cleo to celebrate the 136 years of Cleo, Tracey and Surge.

POMs: Sophia and Victoria W (closely followed in second by Tessa and Victoria T)

DOD/ Buzz: Sacha for the gum shield incident