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Masterplan 2024 FAQs

Have a question that isn't covered below? Please contact and we will do our best to answer any queries about the exciting development project we are embarking upon

Masterplan 2024: FAQS

We have explored this option and while this would be desirable, we are constrained by factors including planning restrictions on the Green Belt, differing land ownership across the site, extra expense and impact on our neighbours.

Yes – the clubhouse designs are still in their infancy but the aspiration is to maintain or increase the flat space upstairs, increase changing facilities, improve the bar, kitchen and communal hall / dining facility and incorporate additional storage within the building.

It is anticipated that this will be incorporated into the improved and expanded changing facilities. There may also be space under the seating mound to include a medical room or small office in addition to equipment storage.

Yes - there will be 56 purpose-built bike storage bays.

The loss of the large grass in front of the clubhouse will be felt. However, when considering the total use of the facilities over the course of the year, much of the grass area remains unused when the weather gets colder. The grass becomes muddy and unpleasant and is not used at all most evenings.

The club’s participation numbers are growing year on year (as is hockey in the borough more generally) and we have to move some of our activity off-site to accommodate all the weekend matches – this comes at a cost. The new training pitch will help to mitigate these factors. 

During weekdays, our pitches are used by numerous schools and universities and we also support the SHC Community Projects charity by providing free or subsidised hockey to in excess of 2000 local school children annually (both on site and at their schools) who would otherwise not have had the opportunity to experience hockey. An extra half pitch will allow us to further expand this initiative.

A survey commissioned by Elmbridge Borough Council in 2019 identified that the Borough was short of 0.4 of a pitch. Our project will correct this imbalance.

We are also actively planning for the training pitch to be available to other sports such as football and tennis amongst others and to become more available to the community.

Our popular Jumping Jelly Beans U5s Soft Play will continue to operate in the updated clubhouse and there are plans to provide a small area behind the training pitch that will have a playground surface and some play equipment for U5s. The grass area behind the training pitch will remain and while this will be considerably smaller, it will be accessible for children to play in. 

The main thoroughfare from the car park to the pitches and clubhouse will be upgraded and it is anticipated that this will still provide a pleasant communal area.  The use of hard landscaping will be minimised where possible to maintain the 'green and open’ feel to the site while also addressing the issues around surface flooding by using surfaces that allow drainage and adequate water management — an issue that is becoming more prevalent due to climate extremes. 

The training pitch will ensure SHC can evolve to meet demand and the changing face of hockey — The FIH is embarking on the introduction of Hockey 5s. Our new training pitch will comply with these standards.

Both of the existing pitches will remain the same size, as they are already right at the boundary.

This is something that is being considered and may be possible if finances allow.