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Sirens 0 - 0 Old Cranleighans 5s (A)

6th March 2023

By Jo Moores

On the back of our 4-2 win last weekend the Sirens were in the zone for our away clash

at Surbiton High against friendly rivals OC5s, currently second in the league. With a full squad, similar tactical strategies to last week and good defensive coaching from Tarek in this week’s training we definitely believed that we could beat them.

Surge narrowly avoided the Buzz nomination after misreading the start time for the meet time, but push back proceeded on time.

Jenny took advantage of the newly acquired jab tackle training and put it to good use in a controlled and practised manner, gaining possession on several occasions. It’s fair to say that OCs while taking control of much of the first half were thwarted by the strength of our back line and the determination of our GK (Ava) who went to ground a couple of times to save the sneaky shots round the post.

Both ends hit the posts, both ends missed open goals. There was much oo-ing and ah-ing from both the crowd and the team (thanks to our away supporters of Wendy and Dawn), and we ended the first half with a positive score of 0-0. The half time talk consisted of positive reinforcement, reminders to play our own game and keep on with what we were doing.

The second half unusually included a bully-off when Monica’s stick got caught with the opposition. Obviously unusual as it took at least three attempts to get it right! H2 was much more even, and end to end. Both goals seemed to contain anti-magnets and neither side found a way through. Screams accompanied the oo-ing and ah-ing as still no one could believe that both sides failed to score.

The match ended 0-0 but felt like a win, in a game that could easily have seen goals in the double digits had we found the button to switch the polarity of the anti-magnets.