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Sparks 2 - 0 Wayfarers 4s (H)

13th November 2023

By Courtney Versfeld

Luckily, the Sparks game went better than the warm up started when I dropped my bottle in a pile of fox poo. Excrement cleaned, and it was time to take on the London Wayfarers.

We had lots of circle entries and shots, but goals were proving hard to come by until Chantelle produced a moment of magic. She had an amazing dribble in the D, pulled the keeper, and hit the backboard to get us 1-0 up. Our forwards continued to pile the pressure up top, with the defence stepping in effectively to mop up anything that came their way and send it right back up the pitch.

Into the second half and our second goal came from a beautifully executed short corner that Sophia fired in with a crack of a shot. All in all, it was a really solid display from the whole team.

POM - Chantelle for her stellar goal and Courtney for an insane amount of running in midfield

DOD - Courtney, for the aforementioned excrement incident!