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Ladies 5s 1 - 4 Barnes 3s (A)

10th January 2023

By Lisa Clarke

‘A rescheduled match with an unfortunate clash’

With bellies full of mince pies,
We warmed up on a high,
But walked away with a loss in the end.

A few fouls here and there,
Tumbles are fair!
It was obvious we felt a bit rusty.

Lots of running from us,
Jen chasing the ball with gust,
But it was Cecily who put away a corker.

Barnes followed suit,
Blasting a whopper in the roof,
And quickly finding their momentum.

Putting up a good fight,
We kept pushing to ignite,
But in the end...the mince pies got the better of us.

POM: Jen for quick passes and constant battling

DOD: Lisa Clarke for her 1980s shoes that don’t allow her to stand upright