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Jokers 0 - 2 Barnes 3s (H)

13th November 2023

By Dr Rob Stone

11th November 2023

Team: Peter Jarret GK , Dan Barnicoat, Jason Foster, Martin Ravvers, Jonny Milsted, Trevor Mallinson, Andrew Carlisle, Matthew Bloxham, Jim Sayer, Nick Sait, Harry Hodges, Dr Rob Stone, James Hey (Cpt)

Umpires: Helen Waugh and James Lloyd – many thanks

The Tale of 13 Jesters; poetry (not always) in motion.

In Surbiton's field, where shadows meet the light, a minute’s silence for those that fell in the fight.

The Jokers faced the young, a sporting sight.

Alas, a tale of woe unfurls its wings,

No goals for Jokers, alas the upright still pings.


Pete, the new keeper, a hero bold and true,

Defended his post, the skies he knew.

Yet, fate unkind, the net did bear the cost,

Two goals conceded, a solemn host.


No cards were drawn, no strife in the air,

An enjoyable game, a contest rare. Lloyd and Helen incredibly fair.

Barnes' youth prevailed, a potent brew,

In Surbiton's script, a different cue.


So ends the chapter, a score reversed,

In sport's embrace, both sides immersed.

The Jokers bowed, yet grace they found,

A tale spun, on Pitch 2’s hallowed ground.