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Vixens Knocked Out by Epsom O35s

25th January 2022

By Helen Waugh

Vixens 1 – 3 Epsom O35s

In true Veteran spirit the team warm up was a dash to the local OAP home car park, a couple of touch your knees or toes, and some bend and snaps.

After a solid win the previous week the Vixens were prepared in their ‘attack’ mode, that’s a whole seven minutes of unprecedented pressure, this rattled the Epsom defence but unfortunately not the goal. The rest of the half was end to end, our defence driving the ball forwards with some great link up play with the midfield and Georgie making an excellent save to keep the scores level. 

With the half time score 0-0, the pressure was on to capitalise and take the lead, thankfully Charlotte has been taking lessons from the Colts and sent a rocket of a reverse across the D for Jess to pop in at the far post. This must have rallied Epsom as they piled on the pressure, eventually scoring from a well-worked deflection.

The rest of the game is somewhat of a blur until Surbiton won a short corner. Val fired the ball across the D only for me to kick it at their keeper before bundling it unceremoniously across the line and letting out a big cheer like I’d scored a World Cup winning goal. As it turned out, the foot was obvious, the theatrics unconvincing and the ball an Epsom free hit.

After this Epsom really turned on their game and got a couple more goals to end the match 3-1, knocking the Vixens out of the O35 Tier 2 cup. Onwards and upwards to our next game… against Epsom. 

POMs: Sunny & Emma whose tireless defending and distribution from the back was second to none 

DOD: Me for the over exuberant celebration on the non-goal