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Sirens Come Back to Win at Cheam

28th March 2022

By Tracey House

Sirens 2 – 1 Cheam 3s

Team: Tracey, Caitlin (GK), Kate, Suz, Laura, Victoria W, Claire T, Claire J, Jackie, Lisa, Sophie, Aimee, Anna, Jenny

A beautiful day and a trip out to Cheam. We had beaten them in our first meeting but they didn’t have a full team out then. We had some players playing in slightly different places but it was wonderful to have Laura back in the team.

We started positively and the ball was in both team’s Ds. But Cheam broke the deadlock with a goal in the first ten minutes. After 16 minutes there was an awful incident with Victoria being hit in the head from 2m. It was awful to watch and obviously awful for Victoria but she got up and walked to the dug out. GP Kate made sure that she had to sit out the rest of the game.

We had a stern half time talk with reminders for the forwards to “get on the post” or “get in the D”, and that we needed to ‘shut down’ their number 12 by double teaming her.  We had had some good movement and we needed to keep playing positively.

The defence (Suz, Tracey, Kate, Laura and Caitlin) played the rest of the game and were so solid. They worked together well, and broke down Cheam’s play to stop them from scoring. The rest of the team ran their socks off…passed, moved, attacked and we scored two fantastic goals.

It was a brilliant team effort. Well done Sirens!

POM: Kate