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Men’s 2s Within Touching Distance of Promotion

21st March 2022

By Jake Thompson

Men’s 2s 3 - 0 East London 1s

Nearly….but not quite.

POM: Beanhead

DOD: Jake Thompson

After a convincing win against Wapping 2s last week we came into the game feeling confident for a home game with East London, and our season goal of promotion to the National League looking more likely by the week.

As usual Jamie turned up hungover, bragging about the devious game he was dropping on some senior citizens the night before - you have to respect the maturity this man is showing, a future leader and captain for sure.

The first half was very scrappy with lots of possession but little end product for Surbiton. We went into half time at 0-0 but had every confidence that East London would eventually break down. I have no recollection of how or when any of these goals went in, but Bean, Billy and Dan all got on the score sheet to finish the game 3-0.

After the match, Surbiton were hit by a false alarm when they were incorrectly informed that Wimbledon had lost their game 5-2 to London Accies (seemed very strange but you can rely on GMS). This would have mathematically secured top spot in the league for the 2s, although we were soon corrected and had to cancel any celebratory plans (fortunately just before any posts went viral on the club Twitter account). I would therefore like to to transfer my DOD this week to Glyn who triggered Jamie to go on a celebratory night out - rumour has it he reunited with the WI members he was chirpsing on Friday night.

Despite my top form of recent weeks, I was unjustly voted DOD for a second time this season. The first was for wearing Crocs to a game, still not sure how old you have to be to vote someone DOD for that, but I’m sure Bean and Beaumont can comment in due course. And now I’ve been voted for wearing my new Superhero glasses. The team really need to grow up and spend a long night in Pompey before they start criticise the fashion sense of the biggest stud in North Hampshire.

Another dazzling performance from Beanhead upfront saw him voted MOM this week, although he was close to making it a double by scooping DOD for apparently being a “melt”and going to a murder mystery of some sorts instead of celebrating the win. Griggs was also desperate to get himself in the DOD mentions with a tragic chest waxing incident - I was more surprised that he could grow body hair but each to their own I guess. We hope to continue our good form next week when we play Epsom in an early start at Old Schools Lane, where just one more win will finally guarantee us top of the league and promotion.