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Ladies 2s 1 - 0 Cambridge City 1s (A)

31st October 2022

By Ella Cashman

An early morning start
Meant that we were quick off the mark
Everyone was on time
Which makes this easy to rhyme.

We had pushback
And gave it a good whack
Cambridge pressed half court
Despite this we fought and fought.

Half time was still nil nil
Although a good team talk from Will
Put us back on track
Of goals there was still a lack.

Lots of argy bargy
Meant the umpires were getting cardy
With three greens for us
Things were going to dust.

In the fourth quarter
Our time was getting shorter,
A goal in the last minute
Meant that we could win it!

And win it we did
Despite the way we slid
Falling all over the place
Giving a Cambridge girl a stick to the face

Cambridge were looking sad
And also a little mad
But we won fair and square
Cambridge had a nightmare.

Harri was our girl of the game
Her skills Cambridge just couldn't tame
Ella (me) got D of the day,
For which she has to pay
By writing this report
With Elani's help of course!