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Vintage Battle Hard Against Ravens

28th September 2021

By Paddy Tripp

Vintage 0 – 8 Bromley & Beckenham Ravens

Team: Wilson (OC), Silverleaf (Nomad), Harding, Bishop (OC), Sanders (OC), Abdullah (Nomad), Burles (OC), Pollard (OC), Paterson, Tripp, Hitch, Gorbet (Nomad), Dunn, Lowe, Powdrell.

Umpires: Southgate

Scorers: Not a soul

Man of the Match: Sanders

It was great to return to the normality of Club life – sad that we seemed to be the only side to use the bar whilst we were there and well looked after – thanks.

So to team talk which as usual was mostly introductions – but there was a mention of “play as a team, for each other – they have some good players”.

Sad to say, we paid little attention to that and after 12 minutes, we were 0 – 3 down. But then we pulled ourselves together, worked hard and were fairly equal with our opposition for the rest of the period. Half time and the score had not changed!

Sadly, the second half was an elongated version of the first 12 minutes – their centre forward scored seven of their eight and missed about four sitters including a reverse flick from five yards over the bar – I call that showing off!

Yes, they were a far better side making themselves a far better team. We tried very hard, never gave up and sadly paid heavily for any small mistake we made. Where we were a bit short on the pitch, we made up for socially and entertained our opposition in proper SHC way.