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Sirens Survive the Storm to Win


17th February 2020

By Tracey House

Sirens 4 – 1 Croydon & Old Whitgiftian Ladies Dev

A short and sweet report this week and no picture – too wet and cold! 

The Sirens arrived at Oaken Lane, keenly anticipating a runaround in the wet and windy weather (hahahaha... most of the team were amazed we were still playing). Wendy Beaney made her Sirens debut for the season, as did Tiff Chapman.

The weather played its part... rain (sideways most of the time), gusts of wind that stopped you mid run, and we all discovered that the warmest place was the toilet! 

We started solidly, lost our way a little in the last ten minutes of the first half, but half time we were 2-1 up. We organised ourselves better in the second half scoring two more goals, despite the opposition pushing hard (literally, as Jane found out). 

Defence was solid, midfield worked hard and some great team goals.

Scorers: Jane Crowther (2), Victoria Tyson (2) with great assists from Lisa Williams and Anita Boswell (and one fab goal starting in the back line – we were on fire for that one) 

Team: Natalie Geary (GK), Wendy Beaney, Tracey House, Claire Johnston, Tiff Chapman, Emma Dempsey, Laura Maginnis, Jackie Anderson, Phil Lynch, Victoria Wiesener, Aimee Bishop, Anita Boswell, Lisa Williams, Jane Crowther, Victoria Tyson, Hayley Bouchard