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Sirens Make a Game of It


20th January 2020

By Tracey House

Sirens 0 – 1 Clapham Common Ladies LS

Sirens Team: Silke Mitchell (GK), Kate Burnside, Jo Moores, Lisa Williams, Emma Dempsey, Toni Hope, Clare Thomson, Rachel Surgeoner, Phil Lynch, Victoria Weisener, Lucy Lawson, Tara Sandiford, Jane Crowther, Cleo Jongedijk  

Umpires: Wendy Beaney and Carolyn Llewellyn

A very icy afternoon at Surbiton with three pitch inspections, brushing of the pitch to remove ice and another team asking to ‘have the pitch to play their game’. Clapham had struggled to get to Surbiton via Ubers and buses following train issues, some taking nearly two hours… so the game was on.

Clapham didn’t have a keeper so the Sirens were up against 11 outfield players. The opposition attacked from the off and made good moves into Surbiton’s half but were thwarted by the strong back line of Emma, Kate, Phil, Victoria W and Lisa, supported by strong keeping skills from Silke.

Cleo, playing in her first game for the Sirens, was flying on the wing with great interplay with Surge, Tara and Clare. Jane made lots of strong runs from midfield and crossing the ball into the D with narrow misses from Lucy, Jo and Toni. A short corner for Clapham at the end of the first half resulted in a goal. 

Half time was spent checking the pitch – it was getting icy but we agreed to play for a further 15 minutes.

Surbiton upped their work rate with more attacks into the D. But a bloody nose and cold weather meant the match had to be abandoned after 12 minutes of play in the second half. Another ten minutes and we would have ‘broken them’.

Thanks to Kate for stepping in to administer medical assistance and to both teams for playing in such slippery conditions. 

Players of the Match: Jane Crowther and Tara Sandiford