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Men's 2s Go Top of the League


13th January 2020

By Scott Evans

Men's 2s 4 - 1 Staines M1

“New decade - same results”

After a long hard winter break, where Coach Creed had set a strict mid season training programme for all, the boys were raring to go.

A lot of the boys had New Years resolutions... Beaumont was to turn up to some games before the start, Redders was to turn up to some games not hungover, Billy was to turn up to some games not drunk and Creed was to turn up to some games. All started the new decade very well.

Unfortunately not everyone started so well. Evans resolution was to not get any cards, Bartram’s was to trap some aerials, Bird’s was to run past someone, Haycroft to keep his sheets clean and Linnell’s was to brush his teeth less. All resolutions may need looking at.

However there were two league debuts, Jamie ‘mistaken identity’ Taylor and Matt ‘two first names’ John both impressing. The ginger king returned – no, not Liam Doidge, but the slightly slimmer, bigger aerial, Matt the Cat Sheridan, who gave his usual solid performance.

The game was a top of the table clash against Staines who had got the better of the 2s in the first game of the season.

As usual the game started late, this really needs looking into, as it messed with S Evans’ pre match wee and the game nearly started without him, unfortunately for the 2s he managed to make it.

The 2s started well - patient, calm and probing. 11 year old Jake connected well to give Surbiton the first chance of the game, but it was Bartram who used his back stick to break the deadlock.

1-0 at the break, time for some wise words from Coach Creed... we are still waiting. Only kidding, Creed gave his usual inspirational team talk, which included no chat to the umpires – we need to keep 11 on the pitch he said. But we are not miracle workers and just after Bartram scored a lovely second goal, this time with his reverse, S Evans got his first green card, which prompted one of their players to say ‘you really need to learn how to tackle’. The 2s battled hard though and were not disheartened by not sticking to Creed’s script. J Evans got his standard goal, a reverse in the top corner. 3-0 up and flying but that isn’t how we like to do it in the 2s. We want to make it exciting for our loyal fans, so both J Evans and Creed gave the umpire some feedback from the sideline, which meant skipper Bartram received two green cards. However not to be out done S Evans then made some questionable tackles which saw Jamie receive a green through mistaken identity although Linnell did try to take it and then S Evans receive a yellow. Staines did eventually pull one back to make it 3-1. Then Winter decided he had had enough and scored a fourth for the 2s and shouted ‘game over!’. To his surprise the umpires wanted to play out the final five minutes.

Surbiton play two teams next weekend – Tulse Hill and Dulwich. So I am sure the boys will prepare well this week.

MOM: D Bartram
DOD: S Evans