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Ladies 6s Slip to Away Defeat

2nd March 2020

By Sinead Goodden

Ladies 6s 0 – 1 Purley Walcountians L1

There is nothing better than a team of friends who play together week in week out…

We arrived at PW in high spirits keen to catch up with our friends after the two weeks apart. The warm up began with the usual team jog and lots of dynamic stretches – including both sumos and lunges. A light shower commenced (good for the garden) and the team benefitted from some exfoliation (ready for Lily’s birthday party later) via some timely hailstones. Then, just as Sinead predicted, out came the sunshine in time for the push back on this beautifully open (to the elements) pitch.

Unfortunately, we went a goal down about halfway into the first half from a well-taken short corner, which was deflected over Marlijn.The first half was end to end and we earned several short corners. We pressed high into their half, but we were kept to 1 – 0 by some good PW defending.  

The second half led to an increased sense of urgency following Spuggie’s half time pointers. Frances pressed high, Evie left the oppo in her wake, Fee played intelligent hockey wherever she was playing and Jen and Ruth continued to win short corners.  Marlijn made numerous good saves and Sinead scrambled one off the line to keep Surbiton in the game. Freya and Ellie made some surging runs into the D creating opportunities to score. Nina and Lily ran their socks off in the midfield in attack and defence.

My friend Giselle fully deserved the POM award for her lightning speed and distribution of the ball across her back line to Emma, Alex and Jess who were able to release the ball up their channels.    

Sadly, the win wasn’t to be and it finished 1 – 0, which was probably a fair result on reflection, and although it didn’t quite click today we know we have both the ability and desire to perform better. Sometimes being friends just isn’t enough to win a hockey match!

Thankfully, after the game Marlijn provided the much-needed sweet treat in celebration of my friend Lily’s birthday, this raised the spirits of the team!  

Thanks to Liam for stepping in to umpire and the parents for their usual support on the side.  

Finally, in my usual optimistic manner, I am feeling very positive about next week!

POM: Giselle Cooper
DOD: Sinead Goodden