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Ladies 5s Just Fall to Hawks


13th January 2020

By Ciara & Gaby

Ladies 5s 0 - 1 Sunbury & Walton Hawks L1

To recap the events of ‪this Saturday, below is Gaby’s match report. She earned DOD this week with a never ending list of reasons… forgetting her shin pads and having to borrow Jo's, turning up to the wrong place, struggling to find the “hanging rooms” and asking if we got any points for a draw… and I feel like there must have been more!

MOM however was a much more tightly contested title. From Freya and Charlie A’s hard work and consistency at centre back to Holly holding the mid-line and fighting for every loose ball, our MOM actually goes to Gaby. Despite everything that earned her DOD, she did not stop the whole game, making leads and runs everywhere to give us opportunties in and around the circle. Well done! 

Match report:

The first game back after Christmas was always going to be a tough one, fitness lacking a little and some still in holiday mode i.e. me. DOD granted before stepping on the pitch.

A strong warm up and team talk pre-match recapped some basics from training before Christmas that would secure a solid performance and hopefully a win! 

The duration of the first half was an even battle, Hawks making clean leads down the wings, yet struggling to make it into the circle with Molly, Sunny and Charlie B holding them up. Charlie A and Freya maintained their consistently solid full back positions picking balls as Hawks neared the goal. There were some great combinations and connections in the middle of the pitch, slick work through the middle and some rapid breaks made by Ruby and Roos, but alas, we entered half time at 0-0. 

It was mentioned at half time that the game was likely to be decided in the last 10 to 15 minutes. As such, a Hawks goal hit the backboard with seven minutes to go. The final minutes to follow saw us up the ante and fight harder to secure an equaliser, but we couldn't quite convert. An unfortunate loss, but great work by the whole team and some promising play, so the only way is up!