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Inaugural Sunday Sixes Goes Down a Storm

2nd November 2020

By Barney Christopher

Sunday 1st November saw Surbiton's Inaugural Sunday Social Sixes Sporting Spectacular at the club (also known as SHC Sixes).

Featuring 30 players split into two home Surbiton teams (‘Bean's Bitchez’ and ‘Jen's Men’), and two university squads from Kingston and St George's, a round robin was played across half pitches with plenty of refreshment breaks to keep players motivated.

DJ Lils assisted the battle against wind and rain greatly with strong playlist skills as teams tried desperately to comprehend the concept of one-touch scoring, leading to some magical sliding goals where players sacrificed their knees and elbows to deliver world class social hockey finishing.

The scores were all unsurprisingly highly contested with no one being able to accurately recount how many (or few) goals had been scored, leaving the only clear loser of the day being whoever tried to attempt St George's bewildering table sports in the marquee afterwards. The MVP award for the day has to go to Niamh at the bar who helped organise the session from the start, rounded up university players from StG and KU, then ended up missing the hockey to work a bar shift and keep us all adequately hydrated and looked after from start to finish.

With the upcoming lockdown, SHC Sixes will return in the New Year on alternate Sundays from 6pm onwards. If you are interested in joining in for some social hockey and post-match drinks with new friends, please register here or send an email to and we will let you know when the next session is organised in early 2021!