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Good Win for Super Sirens


27th January 2020

By Tracey House

Sirens 4 - 2 Old Cranleighans Ladies Martlets

Team: Silke Mitchell (GK), Hayley Bouchard, Kate Burnside, Emma Dempsey, Phil Lynch, Cleo Jongedijk, Tara Sandiford, Lisa Clarke, Claire Thomson, Rachel Surgeoner (Surge), Jo Moores, Lucy Lawson, Anita Boswell, Victoria Tyson

With Aimee Bishop and Victoria Weisener playing for the opposition (thanks) – both played well and were very strong. 

We warmed up on the netball courts with a full team and excitement of a great game ahead. The Ladies 8’s (with Silke in goal) won the game before so we were pumped and ready!

We quickly got into our stride with Surge and Lucy joining together for a strike on goal. Victoria T then passed a great ball in across the D to Surge. OCs were now getting into their stride, with Silke making many great saves but they scored after 12 minutes from a short corner. The Sirens regrouped and with some great interplay with Surge and Lisa we were attacking again. Our first goal started at the back with Kate passing to Lisa who took the ball past the defence to score. We were level. 

Hayley, Phil and Cleo were solid in defence with Emma doing her usual jinxing and turning players inside out. Some great passing and movement with Claire T making a fantastic pass into the D. Anita ran hard and stopped some great balls but we just couldn’t finish the play in a goal. OC pushed through with a quick high ball and scored their second goal against the run of play.

Half term came at the right time – we talked positives, as well areas we needed to improve – using the width and not passing without looking. Lucy then made the first of her quotes which won her the ‘Moist Cup’ as she described herself as “having the reactions of a sloth” today. She then went on to describe Claire’s passing as a “sexy ball”.

11 minutes into the second half, Lisa made another individual goal bringing us to 2-2.  Tara continued to run well in midfield working well with Lisa, Surge and Claire. The Sirens were now on top and a great attack in the D lead to the first of Jo’s 2 goals of the game. Victoria, in her first game for the Sirens this season, was energetic and determined to attack hard, leading to a ball on the face. Dr Kate was back in action.  Silke was hardly troubled in the second half as we continued to work hard, and with great movement and quick passing, goal four came from Jo. A great 2-4 win for the Sirens.

After the game, Jo was delighted with her two goals “Lucky poo, I got two”. Surge came off the pitch saying, “No part of me is cold,” with Silke’s response, “Every part of me is cold”. Back to the club for tea and beer. 

Moist Cup awarded to Lucy Lawson

Player of the Match: Lisa Clarke