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Sparticans Continue Winning Ways


6th October 2019

By Simon Fitch

Sparticans 4 - 2 Trinity Mid-Whitgiftians M3s

Spartican of the Day: Mike Ward

Another 4-2 victory and another 3 points for the Sparticans, restored to their rightful position on the show pitch!

We played very well in patches and less well for other periods of the game. Going 2-0 up in the first 10 minutes helped, and TMW were always chasing the game from thereon. We were pegged back to 3-1 and then 4-2 but ended up as comfortable winners.

The real highlight of the day was post-game where we married the club’s fine pasta tea with Steve’s impressive birthday cake over a customarily lengthy debrief. 

The son of Captain Chaos, Lewis, joined us today as one of two father and son combos but the vote was narrowly won by Wardy, who narrowly popped fellow 2 goaler Kev to the win, mainly by dint of an extraordinary 2nd goal, deflected in at head height. Both a great goal and a superb avoidance of a visit to A&E. Job done.

Finally, after a fraught week of Find An Umpire, our many thanks go to Alex, Ian and Jess for whistling today. The latter in particular faced incessant questioning of her decisions (not by us, we left that behind years ago) and dealt with it with aplomb. Sorry and thank you.