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Sirens Win by Eight


21st October 2019

By Emma Dempsey

Sirens 8 – 0 Leatherhead

There once was a team called the Sirens
Who played in Surbiton and it's environs
A fun loving crew, who last Saturday knew
They had Leatherhead on their horizons.

The battle began on 'the beach'*
And for too long, goals seemed out of reach
Until Lisa C floored all their players and scored
Rendering their defence bereft of speech.

The play was both fluid and sweet
But 1-nil's not a scoreline complete!
We needed some more (at least 3 or 4),
To ensure we avoided defeat.

So with clear targets in mind, we set out,
Determined and steadfast throughout
Knocked 7 more in - would that mean a win?
Well of course! Of that there's no doubt!

A victory had been too long arriving,
But at last the drought ends - how reviving!
With an 8 zero win, a new era begins
The Reign Of The Sirens is thriving!

*(the artist formerly known as)


Goalscorers: Victoria Weisener (2), Claire Johnston (2), Rachel Shilson (2), Lisa Clarke (1) Philippa Lynch (1)

Player of the Match: Lisa Clarke