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M3s Win Away at Havant


8th October 2019

By Sean Lavarack

SHC Men’s 3s 3 - 1 Havant M2s

Surbiton started the game strongly with early possession and a few half chances; Highlighted by Tom ‘Thor’ Foxy denting the post from his thunderbolt drag flick. 

Havant battled it out for the rest of the half until Ed ‘Chicharito’ Miller subbed himself on. With seconds left in the half, the little pea danced his way past two Havant defenders, leaving him one on one with their final man. However he was no match for Miller as he took it onto his tomahawk and fired into the bottom corner to give Surbiton a vital 1-0 lead into the break. 

Buoyed by Miller’s goal, Surbiton entered the second half in good spirit; fully expecting more goals and a cruise to their first victory of the season.

Alex ‘Otamendi’ Harper had other plans.

Havant came out the blocks quickly in a gritty and dogged fashion befitting of their hometown. And in a moment of madness, Cambridge graduate Alex Harper inexplicably passed the ball to their centre forward leading an early second half short corner for Havant.

They scored.

Havant continued to pile the pressure on Surbiton and found themselves with another short corner to take an unexpected 2-1 lead. 

Take 1: Havant player clearly hasn’t read rule 13.6.e which clearly states, “If an attacker enters the circle at a Penalty Corner before permitted, the player taking the push or hit from the backline is required to go beyond the centre-line and the Penalty Corner is taken again.” He gets sent to the half way line by the astute umpire. 

Take 2: Sherro goes in early and gets sent to the halfway line by the giddy umpire.

Take 3: Alex Harper gets faked out by the wily injector. He too, gets his marching orders.

Take 4: A cheeky supporter dared a remaining Havant player to enter the D early doors just to see if the umpire had the bottle to order another retake of the PC. Player and umpire duly oblige.

Take 5: Havant fail to score against just two defenders and Ore. Scores remain level.

Entering into the final ten minutes, everything remained up for grabs. Pride, victory and the all important three points. 

Step up Edward Miller.

From a sideline inside their own 25, Surbiton dared to do what they had been dreaming of all game: transfer the ball from right to left. 

It was truly poetry in motion and soon Ed Miller found himself one on one with the keeper and he tucked it away with precision, poise and ease. He carted off to the corner flag screaming “COME ONNNN!!” in sheer jubilation that has rarely graced Barncroft Way.

Luke Pelech grabbed a last minute goal to secure victory and the 3 points back to Sudgen Road.

Player of the Match: Ed ‘Chicharito’ Miller