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Jaguars Win in First Round of Surrey Cup


25th November 2019

By Ali Quinn

SHC Jaguars 2 - 1 London Edwardians L4s

'Surrey cup returns on the show pitch'

A second game in two days can prove challenging. Add in wine tasting and an after party and the whole thing can be slightly worse than planned.

The good thing was that we had a few colts to pass to so we could reduce our running. We were also blessed with Jane’s extremely long legs and her knowledge of the rule book... invaluable when some of us had forgotten how to hold a stick over night.

London Eds were our opposition and having won the plate last year we wanted to get through and stay in the Cup.

We were on the show pitch and started our match with some lovely passing moves. We had some willing runners and despite the odd hospital pass we held firm. 

Freya pushed hard down the right and some running from Maisie (still no idea where the end of the pitch is) Crazy Legs and Frankie kept us on the front foot.

As a mixed team of 7s and 8s we were starting to play together and keep possession. Eds had a couple of useful players that were able to run round those of us who’d over indulged the night before.

However, that didn’t stop us scoring a great team goal with Taryn able to score from a well worked move at the far post and give us a much needed lead.

We were then holding on as the wine legs started kicking in for most of us and we were counting the time down for half time where we could get some breath back. 

Eds had a different idea and despite the sledging from Kerrie with her old team they managed a well worked penalty corner routine and scored pretty much on half time.

1-1 was okay but the prospect of flicks was not high in our plans. Gandalf’s half time talk was to use the colts and move the ball. 

The second half felt like it went on forever but we held on at the back despite them having many chances and as we all started to fatigue our forwards picked up the gauntlet. Emma D managed to rock up after realising she was very late so we had extra legs in defence. Our colts were giving as good as they’d got with Frankie sharpening her elbows and Annabelle getting stuck in in midfield.

We eventually broke through. Lisa had a head start and managed to stay in front of Crazy Legs as she mesmerised the defence and a well timed pass committed the goal keeper and Lisa managed to bobble it in. 2-1 and a nervous last few minutes.

We held on despite last ditch tackles and GPS Annie keeping them at bay.

Thank you to Lady Beaney for umpiring at short notice

Gandalf our captain 

#allabout me because I can

Note to self - age may well be a number but I am feeling it this morning!

On to the next round - well done team!