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I Wandered Lonely as a Hockey Player

(L6 Match Report)


13th November 2019

By Anne 'Wordsworth' Macartney

Ladies 6s 1 – 3 Tulse Hill & Dulwich L4s

We all wandered lonely to the match

Using intuition and the famous Waze Apps

Nina followed hers down a one-way street

For the traffic wardens – oh what a treat

Lyndsey and Sinead eventually got the right train 

And we all finally met in stormy teeming rain.


The oppo were clearly used to the pitch

And within one minute had scored – what a hitch

They continued to batter our goal for a while

And our defence remained strong and defiant in style

Jen took on the mantle of leading the fight

Alex cut out their passes, what skill, what foresight.


Marlijn’s great saves kept us all in the game 

Giselle’s banshee cries and drives did the same

The oppo’s many clearances with ball above shoulder height

Was allowed to continue – “no one in line of sight”

They scored a second – what the hell… what happened there?

Then Jen slotted in our first – she was not going to scare.


Freya and Ellie did their usual skilful weaving

Emma’s running up front had the oppo heaving

Evie was amazing in every short corner

Lily’s tackling and passing came on a stormer

Fee played with fortitude with no time for leisure

Nina’s leadership and drive kept up the pressure.


Sinead and Lyndsey set up balls for attack

Frances’ commitment – there was definitely no lack

Sacrificing herself to keep the ball in play

Skidded along the line for such a long way

Blood everywhere – a gasp of relief

No support anywhere – we all stood in disbelief.


Our poet – well she was just misunderstood

Tried helping the umpire who was just in a mood

An imaginary card did he finally display

Is it pantomime season? Or Nativit-ay?

Well onwards and upwards – bring on next week’s game

We’ve learnt from today – no more of the same.