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The latest from the Clubhouse Team...

Clubhouse Corner: 18th October 2023

By Ann Bedford

Match Teas

This Weekend's Match Teas Menu

Pork with cider mustard & crème fraiche 
Vegetable casserole, cider & herbs
Fried new potatoes, brown butter vinegarette 
Kale with fresh tomato dressing 
Caramelised apples

Saturday's Teas Schedule

11:30 Jaguars vs Spencer
11:30 Sirens vs Ashford
12:00 B2H
13:00 W4 vs Hampstead
13:30 Sparks vs Spencer
14:30 W3 vs Wapping
15:30 Cobras vs Barnes
16:00 M1 vs Oxted
16:00 Vintage vs Bromley
17:30 Jokers vs OK
18:00 W2 vs Canterbury
19:00 W8 vs Wimbledon

Sunday's Teas Schedule

16:00 W1 vs Wimbledon

As always, please confirm dietary requirements by Wednesday. Please keep to your slots where possible and help the clubhouse team by scraping and clearing your plates, and leaving the teas room as you’d expect to find it. Thank you!

Live Sport on TV in the Clubhouse This Week

Men’s Rugby World Cup Semi Finals
Friday 20:00 – Argentina vs New Zealand
Saturday 20:00 – England vs South Africa

Lots of Men’s Cricket World Cup all week

Premier League Football
Saturday 17:30 – Chelsea vs Arsenal
Saturday 20:00 – Sheff Utd vs Man Utd
Sunday 16:30 – Aston Villa vs West Ham


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