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Surbiton HC Achieves ClubMark Accreditation

24th June 2022

By Surbiton HC

We are pleased to announce that SHC has been awarded ClubMark status by England Hockey after completing a detailed application process.

What is ClubMark?

England Hockey ClubMark is designed to set a minimum operating standard for clubs to achieve and ensure that the appropriate risk assessments, policies and procedures are in place. It is a tool for clubs to check that they have the basics in place. Many clubs will already be meeting the ClubMark standard and in some cases going above and beyond the minimum requirement, but attainment of ClubMark is the evidence for clubs and their members that these levels are being systematically met. ClubMark status is retained for three years, when a review and renewal are required.

How did we achieve ClubMark status?

As such a large and multi-faceted club, a great deal of work has been put in behind the scenes to ensure SHC meets the various criteria necessary to achieve the award. Achieving ClubMark status is an indicator that we are operating to a high standard across all areas and helping to ensure all our members and users access the club and play hockey in a safe, fair and welcoming environment. Thank you in particular to Liselle, Dawn, Frankie and Gill for their hard work in helping us to achieve the ClubMark accreditation.