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Clubhouse Corner: 2nd February 2022

2nd February 2022

By Ann Bedford

The latest news from the SHC Clubhouse team...

To celebrate the Chinese New Year (of the Tiger), this week we’ll be serving…

  • General Tso’s Chicken
  • Egg Fried Rice
  • Mushroom Moshu in Lettuce Wrap
  • Ginger Spring Onion Relish
  • Prawn Crackers
  • Sweet Chilli Sauce

Match Teas Schedule: Saturday 5th February

  • 11.30am: L8 vs Cheam
  • 1pm: Sparks vs EU Gamblers
  • 1.30pm: L4 vs West Hampstead
  • 2pm: L2 vs Canterbury; M3 vs Crostyx
  • 4.30pm: L7 vs Spencer; M6 vs Epsom
  • 6pm: Sparticans vs OKs; B2H

Thanks to all that took part in the blind taste testing, it definitely threw up some interesting results… especially from those that definitely don’t like what they drink every week! More details will follow soon.

The SHC Quiz returns this Friday, please let me know on if you have a team attending so we can make sure there’s enough fish & chips. It’s looking like a great attendance this time.

This weekend is the start of the 6 Nations, wrap up and watch Saturday’s games in the marquee - 2.15pm: Ireland vs Wales & 4.45pm: Scotland vs England. On Sunday at 3pm: France v Italy

And now the bit you’ve all been waiting for – the exciting return of Clubhouse Stats
We should take into account that January is notoriously quiet with frozen pitches, no Premier League matches and the Dry Januaryers.

  • Cold soft drinks made up 8.25% of total sales. The best-selling cold soft drink was Fever Tree Tonic – What does this tell us? How many people just drink a bottle of tonic? Hmmm…
  • Tea has won the hot drinks race this month 320* v 272 Galaxy hot chocolates – probably due to the cancellation of a few Colts sessions to due to frozen pitches!
    *Does not include cups of tea served with match teas
  • Chilli Kettle chips were the most popular and we sold one croissant – I’m not sure how we sold one croissant as we’ve not had any in… but we will soon!
  • You’ve also consumed…
  • 138 pints of Guinness
  • 318 pints of Amstel
  • 37 Alcohol free beers
  • 193 measures of gin
  • Top 3 bottles were Tusker (90) and Honey Dew (85) and Doom Bar (29)
  • Alcohol made up 70.24 % of the bar takings