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Learn Spanish with Pepe & Tete

8th January 2021

By Surbiton HC in partnership with Pepe & Tete

New Year’s resolution to learn a new language? Looking for something new to do while you’re stuck at home during lockdown? Why not take some Spanish lessons with our fantastic club partner Pepe & Tete…

Introducing Pepe & Tete...

“My name is Sandra. I am a trained teacher who has always been passionate about education, languages, travelling and discovering new cultures. My journey started in Spain where I worked as a tennis coach for 9 years. This period exposed me to an entirely different way of learning that focused on the application beyond the tennis lessons.

Starting Pepe and Tete in England provided me with the underestimated gift of meeting the world and its different cultures in one country. That’s why Pepe & Tete is more than a language learning endeavour. It’s also a fun experience that creates friendships across cultures.

We would love to make learning Spanish fun for you, so if you are interested in any of our Spanish programmes, please get in touch.“

Who is Spanish with Pepe & Tete suitable for?

Sandra provides Spanish learning programmes for a wide range of people... from pre-school kids, to GCSE/A Level tutoring and lessons for adults. Choose from online group sessions to individual lessons to learn from scratch or brush up your language skills! Get in touch for more details on all the options.

Contact Pete & Tete 

Phone: +44 7484 324326
Email :