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Ladies Golden Stick Standings

24th March 2020

By Surbiton HC

With no hockey for the immediate future, here’s how the top ten stand in the race for this season’s Ladies Golden Stick.

1st: Hannah Denison (Ladies 2s): 20 goals

2nd: Sophia Swindell (Ladies 9s): 19 goals

3rd: Lisa Honnor (Ladies 7s): 18 goals

4th: Raaniya Majid (Ladies 9s): 16 goals

5th: Sian Craze (Ladies 3s): 13 goals

6th: Erica Sanders (Ladies 1s): 11 goals

7th: Ellie Hatch (Ladies 6s): 10 goals

=8th: Issy Carey (Ladies 2s): 9 goals, Alice Klugman (Ladies 2s): 9 goals, Jen Sessman (Ladies 6s): 9 goals

Well done ladies for a prolific season in front of goal!