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Clubhouse Corner - 7th October 2020

7th October 2020

By Ann Bedford

The latest update from the SHC clubhouse, including details on this weekend’s match teas…

Despite the deluge and the first appearance of the Sugden Road Lido this season I think a good time was had by all at the weekend.

I'm pleased to say that up until about 9pm most were able to count up to, and stay in their groups of 6. Post that these certain basic skills seem to become incredibly baffling, throw in the additional mind blowing exercise of donning a mask when entering the clubhouse and being able to tell the time and we have our very own version of Universally Challenged.

A Reminder of the Key Rules:

  • Groups of no more than 6
  • Masks / Face coverings must be worn inside the clubhouse
  • Premises must be closed no later than 10pm

This weekend sees another amazing match tea offering from the BBQ - bring your stetsons and partake in the buckets of Bud available in the drinks. It is really important that I have accurate numbers for teas please, especially for vegetarians and those with any allergies.

Come along, stay safe and have fun.

This Weekend’s Match Teas Menu:

  • Smokey BBQ chicken  
  • Chipotle bourbon BBQ beans
  • South Carolina slaw
  • Fries with house seasoning

Drinks deal: Bucket of Bud £15.00 (6)

Match Teas Schedule - Saturday 10th Oct:

  • 11.30am: L6 vs Epsom L3
  • 11.30am: L5 v Wimbledon L4
  • 12.30pm: Jokers vs Spencer Vets
  • 1pm: Magnets vs OGs Phoenix
  • 2pm: M5 vs Old Reigatians M1
  • 2.30pm: Cobras vs Sunbury & Walton Hawks M5
  • 3.30pm: L4 vs Spencer L3
  • 4pm: M3A vs H&W M4
  • 5.30pm: M3 vs PHC Chiswick M1
  • 6pm: L1 vs East Grindstead L1
  • 6.30pm: L7 vs Wimbledon L6
  • 8pm: M1 vs East Grinstead M1