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Last Weekend's Player of the Match Awards
(2nd & 3rd November)


6th November 2019

Last weekend’s Player of the Match awards and nominations...

If you're a winner, please collect your voucher from behind the bar at SHC!

Whole Club Player of the Match (Adults)

  • Ladies 3s - Abi Krone
  • Ladies 4s - Sophie S (Colt)
  • Ladies 5s - Charlie Ambridge
  • Ladies 6s - Emma Chandler
  • Ladies 7s - Sammy Reed & Ellie Vickery
  • Ladies 8s - Ruby J (Colt)
  • Ladies 9s - Simran P (Colt)
  • Men’s 2s - Jonny Bird
  • Men’s 3s - Luke Pelech
  • Men’s 3A’s -
  • Men’s 4s - 
  • Men’s 5s - Dan H (Colt)
  • Men’s 6s - Connor T (Colt)
  • Sparticans - Lewis Curtis
  • Jokers - Stephen Hardy
  • Magnets - Ian Broderick
  • Vintage - Andy Little

Thanks to Russell-Cooke for sponsoring this award


Whole Club Player of the Match (Colts)

WINNER: TOM C (BU14 Stoats)
Thanks to Bathroom Eleven for sponsoring this award