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Colts Results Round Up 29/09/19


30th September 2019

Girls Under 12

Girls Under 12 D Puffins won 2-0  vs Woking Girls Under 12 Wizards
Player of Match: Edie G


Boys Under 14

Boys Under 14 Stoats won 2-1 vs Ashford (Kent) Boys Under 14 B
Player of Match: Sammie H [Match Report]

Boys Under 14 Sharks won 4-0 vs Guildford Boys Under 14 D
Player of Match: Max M

Boys Under 14 Prem won 6-2 vs Old Loughtonians Boys Under 14
Player of Match: Charlie B

Boys Under 14 Scorpions won 12-0 vs Wimbledon Boys Under 14 Tornadoes
Player of Match: Sam D

Boys Under 14 Dev C won 2-0 vs London Wayfarers Boys Under 12 A
Player of Match: Olly B


Girls Under 14

Girls Under 14 Doves lost 5-1 vs Wimbledon Girls Under 14 Stormers
Player of Match: Jorja C

Girls Under 14 Eagles lost 1-0 vs Tunbridge Wells Girls Under 14 A
Player of Match: Hannah K

Girls Under 14 Hawks won 2-0 vs Spencer Girls Under 14 Tigermoths
Player of Match: Ella T 

Girls Under 14 Prem won 2-0 vs Reading Girls Under 14 Prem
Player of Match: Shakila K


Boys Under 16

Boys Under 16 Seals won 9-0 vs Havant Boys Under 16
Player of Match: Dan R 

Boys Under 16 Spiders won 5-1 vs London Wayfarers Under 16 Boys A
Player of Match: Dylan P

Boys Under 16 C won 3-0 vs Richmond Boys Under 16
Player of Match: Dan W

Boys Under 16 Prem won 12-0 vs Wimbledon Boys Under 16 Strikers
Player of Match: Dan H


Girls Under 16 

Girls Under 16 Magpies won 2-1 vs Teddington Under 16 Girls
Player of Match: Gemma T

Girls Under 16 Wrens lost 2-1 vs Reading Girls Under 16 P
Player of Match: Noa A

Girls Under 16 Prem won 5-2 vs Sevenoaks Girls Under 16 A
Player of Match: Tamar C

Girls Under 16 Eagles won 8-0 vs South Berkshire Under 16 Girls
Player of Match: Molly R


Boys Under 18

Boys Under 18 Prem lost 5-0 vs Old Loughtonians Boys Under 18
(Player of Match tbc)


Girls Under 18 

Girls Under 18 Prem won 5-2 vs Spencer Girls Under 18 Damselflies
Player of Match: Emma S / Lexie C


*Nominated Players of the Match will be entered into a draw to win a £5 SHC bar voucher. Thank you to Bathroom Eleven for sponsoring this award.