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Women’s 4s 2 - 0 London Academicals 1s (H)

5th February 2024

By Ellie Sloper

The Surbiton Women’s 4s had a big home game this week against the team that call themselves “Accies”. Having had last week’s game frozen off and one of the team recovering from being allergic to their own sweat, the team were keen to play.

During the warm up, the home team were growing in hope as it was identified the opposition had turned up with just 11 players. Graciously, Surbiton allowed a slight delay in pushback to enable two more players to be found in the car park.

The game started and the elbows were out. The first half was a strong performance from both sides with Accies providing advice to the umpires throughout. Although there were a number of D entries from both teams the score remained 0-0 going into half time. The half time talk within the surby camp was full of supportive words and jelly babies and we went into the second half feeling fuelled.

20 minutes passed with Surbi having most of the pressure. Although just under ten corners were awarded to Surbi the first goal came from Carole receiving a bouncy ball from Sian and popping it through the keeper’s legs. Elation.

15 minutes to hold onto the lead. Frantic play here, frantic play there and a second goal from Issy G. Extreme Elation.

The belief set in and the cheer at the final whistle almost put a tear in Amelie H’s eye.

DOD - Sloper for an ‘extremely unfair’ card from a slight noisy tackle which heavily focused on the opposition’s stick.

POM - India for getting out of multiple 3-on-1s and almost looking like the ball was Velcro-ed to her stick!

What a game, a well fought three points.