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Surbiton 6s 4 - 0 Wimbledon 6s (A)

3rd March 2024

By Neve Hutchinson

Despite starting off with glum weather, Thea’s music and Aoife jumping in puddles didn’t fail to lighten the mood. It took us a while to gain momentum during the first half but when we did, we showed our determination with our relentless tackling from the midfielders and an exceptional work rate from the forwards! After half time, credits to the candy kittens and Haribos, as a team we had upped our game and played amazingly.

Everyone worked exceptionally hard; with the defenders that really were the glue that held the play together, the midfields that made great connections, and the forwards who scored smashing goals. Val scored before half time, after half time Liv scored smoothly on the reverse set up by Gracie during an interception. Taryn had a smashing game and managed to score two great goals in the second half - achieved because of her perfect positioning.

In defence we had Amber, who quite literally teleported across the pitch ready to receive the ball in the perfect position when needed helping the game’s momentum. Sinead and Sammy, who constantly created amazing connections with the half-backs and midfielders whilst making great interceptions. Aoife, despite being a dizzy doughnut, always made rational decisions relieving the pressure off the defence line. Fee who held this unit together with logical passing and positioning that really helped the gameplay excel!

The midfields really worked well with the forwards during this game as all four of our goals were achieved through perfect positioning and patience. Working as the central pivot in midfield was Rosie who gained her POM through her great work rate and composure. Alongside Rosie in midfield, Thea held up the mid play very well and was always in the right position ready to receive the ball, setting up the third goal with a great strike at goal for Taryn to get the rebound! She was always in the right space for me to pass the ball to connect gameplay with the forwards. Liv scored a screamer of a goal (set up by Gracie’s interception) and consistently made great dribbles which put pressure on the oppositions defence, leading to loads of opportunities on goal!

The forwards held their ground with Jen winning short corners and making insightful decisions whilst on ball, helping the flow of the game tremendously. Val, surprisingly not arguing with the umpire that much during this game, who held great positioning and helped the team gain momentum from her first goal; the weather miraculously began to clear up at this point which marked the start for a brighter game! Gracie with her silky-smooth stick skills who intercepted a ball during their sixteen that she passed to Liv who scored at the beginning of the second half! Taryn who regained great composure during the game which led to her smashing goals and her bubbly personality helped reflect positively on the morale of the game!

In goal, Lexi made many spectacular saves during the game and kept a clean sheet on her end! A great team asset that we were very lucky to have.

Mentions to parents for support and to Sophie (missing her on the pitch though!) and to those who couldn’t make it this week (Ffion)