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Sparks 5 - 2 Wayfarers 4s (A)

4th March 2024

By Charlotte Gallagher

Why did I get DOD?
I passed the ball to their centre forward within two minutes for us to go one down. Oops. I was apparently politely patronising as I tried to explain to the umpires that they were umpiring the wrong Ds and therefore their positioning was very wrong.

Thankfully following my horror error a passage of my favourite kind of silky play down the right resulted in a pass in from Chantelle for Ruth to slot away. Nice start to the celebrations for her notable birthday!

One thing we have been good at this year is making short corners count… they may not always quite go to plan but we adapt and react and as a result put away a further two goals as a follow up from the first strikes to give ourselves a little cushion. One thing we have not been so good at is reacting quickly to a fast break and after some confusion in the D a snap shot by the opposition resulted in a second for them.

Going into half time we felt short changed given the amount of possession we had enjoyed and we knew that I was certainly a little more leaky than the usual back line blockade of Sunny and Thoma. Some things to work on in the second half: structure, intent in the D and not getting too frustrated. We achieved all of these and the result was that Chloe weaved through their defence not once but twice and buried the ball in the back of the goal. Welcome to the Sparks Chloe!

The final score was 5:2, the Sparks are back on track and can be proud of their attitude in tough conditions.

Happy winning 50th birthday Ruth!

Congratulations to Chloe on her first POM performance.

Great first game from Rosie!