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Sparks 4 - 0 Surbiton Women’s 5s (H)

22nd January 2024

By Charlotte Gallagher

On a day full of Surbiton derby games the mind games started early. The Sparks ignited straight away and put instant pressure on the 5s defence with some incisive running and fluid passing. This constant pressure soon gave the Sparks the chance they needed with Mana and Saya once again linking beautifully before Saya made an inch perfect pass to Ruth on the P spot to put away with composure.

Having a change in formation we created width, which continually led to circle entries and finally a short corner. With little discussion a straight strike was called and in it went in the bottom left hand corner for goal number two. The 5s’ confidence grew as the first half went on and they made some nice passes to put pressure on our back three but with Emily and Charlotte playing the screen roles well and developing communication we were able to hold firm and take a 2-0 lead into half time. 

With a slight cushion we were able to continue to build the pressure in the second half and some slick movement down the right wing from Lianne and a smart pass to Lisa who fired the ball across the goal was emphatically finished by Courtney who was hanging out on the left post. A further short corner led to an attempt to mix things up but ultimately ended up with a carbon copy of the first straight strike. Sparks remain top of the league but with a target on their back with THD on the charge. 

Thanks for Simon and Rory for their customary great umpiring, keeping the game flowing and making for a fair and enjoyable game for all. 

POM: Charlotte Stacey, for a phenomenal amount of running, great communication and superb distribution 

DOD: Charlotte G for leaving the balls at home for a second week running.