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Sparks 1 - 5 Wanderers 5s (A)

29th January 2024

By Thoma Roberts

Unfortunately the Sparks put the batter in Battersea this weekend, suffering a tremendous defeat at the hands of Wanderers Ladies 2s.

For some reason, the synergies seen so far this season were not present. Passes flew askew, players were left unmarked, and chances were not on target to leave the Sparks 4-0 down at half time.

A valiant return for the second half reminded everybody what the team was capable of, winning fights for all 50:50 balls and leaving the opposite dumbfounded at the quality of the defensive press. Although one further sneaky goal got through, a fantastic final whistle short corner saw the Sparks claw one back to leave the score at 5-1.

POM went to Courtney for a sensational physical game, and Saya got the final tap on a great team effort goal.

DOD was Thoma, for being so preoccupied moaning about the umpires and opposition, she stormed off the pitch without her stick.