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Sirens 0 - 3 Cheam 3s (H)

21st January 2024

By Tracey House

We all went to bed on Friday night pretty much thinking that our early 10.00 game at home would be off. But Surbiton have the amazing Mark Waller who salted, brushed and lightly watered P2 to ensure our game was on! Thanks Mark.

So, at 8.30 the call went out – GAME ON. This took many by surprise but we eventually (after de-icing of cars, Park Run, getting out of bed, uncut oranges, body pump classes and some breast feeding) had 16 players ready for action.

Our ninth GK for the season was the fantastic Sophie Beaney who last put the gear on when she was about 11 years old. Tessa was back from her travels and we had Sophie V from the 9s to bolster our defence. With Wendy (granny) Beaney and Chrissie officiating, and Molly in the dugout as our chief supporter, we were off.

Cheam were strong from the start, attacking into the D from the off. We managed a few sorties into their half but we couldn’t quite get our passes to be clean enough to make an impact in the D. Cheam were 2-0 after 17 minutes and the Sirens were working hard to link our passes but Cheam intercepted and were cleaner with their passing. We did score a goal (a stunner from Monica) but sadly the whistle had gone, so Monica decided to hug Wendy instead as we set for our corner.

Half time was a chance to reset and remember what we do, and that maybe we needed to be a bit more assertive.

We did start with more possession and some great passing using the wings to attack their D. Victoria T showed us her strong wing work and then arced into the D. There were more chances for Sirens with some near misses but the goals weren’t coming. Cheam then scored their third after 55 minutes. It wasn’t to be today.

Team: Sophie B, Kate, Hayley, Suz, Cleo, Claire J, Jenny M, Tessa, Surge, Victoria T, JO, Jax, Monica, Jenny B, Sophie V

Buzz/DOD: Jenny B for asking in the bar after the game at 11.30am, “is it too early for a jug of beer?”

POM: Claire J for a stella performance in defence