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Sirens 1 - 4 Old Cranleighans 6s (A)

18th March 2024

By Cleo Jongedijk

After a week of contemplating alternative ways to travel to Cobham during the M25 closure, the total absence of traffic was the main conversation starter at Reeds grounds on a lovely Saturday afternoon for the Sirens.

Everybody took 15 minutes extra to travel and arrived 15 minutes faster than they thought which gave us plenty of time to be emotional about playing at the same ground against the same team that started off the Sirens as the 'casuals' many years ago.

It is always nice to play our friendly competitors from the OCs and before the first whistle the first Buzz nominations were given out already.

  • For claiming to have specifically shaved the legs for the game but then forgetting to take the leggings off to show them (Buzz 1 - Tessa).
  • For living very close to the grounds but arriving very late (Buzz 2 - Emma).
  • For doing something neither me nor Tracey could remember except it was buzzworthy (Buzz 3 - Victoria W).

Before I get buzzed away, there was a game to play that I was supposed to report on, so let me first of all report that we got on the pitch and gave it all!

OCs were in good shape and started the pressure from the first whistle with some youngsters spending an awful amount of time quickly passing around the ball on Surbiton's half. We held ground bravely and it took quite a lot of attempts before their first goal went in.

Our defence worked away numerous short corners and Phoebe saved at least another three goals before eventually, just before half time, a second goal had to be conceded.

Jelly beans, Percy pigs, and Jelly babies (Buzz 4 for your reporter for making bad candy based jokes) increased the morale during half time.

Whilst some of us were still chewing the last jelly bean away during the first seconds of the second half, Anna D decided to smack in a goal for the Sirens straight away!

Unfortunately the main effect of our goal was an even more eager OCs pushing us back into our box for the remainder of the game.

Our defence line was being battered by balls, body checks, short corners. Phoebe saved another few goals and we all really stood strong despite having to concede a sour two more goals until relief of final whistle.

We might have spent the night within the fences if we listened to Cap Tracey sending us off the pitch in the wrong direction (Buzz 5) and so it happened that Buzz buzzed home with Tracey.

It goes without doubt that POM went to our ultimate defender between the posts, continuously under pressure with most of the game happening inside our D, casually saving us from at least a dozen unscored goals: well done Phoebe!

Next week we face Indian Gymkhana, at prompt described by your reporter's senior in-laws as 'Fast and Furious', but hey, that was 50 years ago, so let's find out who's ripened best over time.

They're third from the top and we're third from the bottom so come stick your head out of the clubhouse and give us some well-deserved cheers on late Saturday afternoon for our last home game this year!