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Junior Round Up: 4th February 2024

7th February 2024

By Nat Pirie / Junior Parents

Girls U12 Matches

Performance League
Well done to the Girls U12 A & B teams in their Performance League games. The A team won all their games, beating Wimbledon Bs 4-0 and As 3-1, beating H&W 4-0 and beating B&E 5-0. Then the B team won two games which were 3-0 against B&E and then 4-1 against Wimbledon Bs, and drew their other two games 0-0 against Wimbledon As and H&W. Very well played from both teams and it was a fun tournament too!

Girls U14 Matches

GU14 Wrens 4 - 3 Hertford GU14 Lionesses (A) (by Olivia & Amelie)
EH Girls U14 Tier 1 Cup
The Wrens had a challenging game against a tough team up in Hertford. After going one goal down early on in the first half, they came back with two goals from Amelie and another from Lila.
After an intense team talk at half time from Will, they went out and conceded two goals! In the dying seconds of the game, Surbiton won a short corner which was re-awarded twice, leading to a penalty stroke. Amelie Rose H stepped up to the ball and smashed it into the side net of the goal leaving the goalkeeper shocked.
Final score 4-3 with a hat-trick for Amelie as Surbiton progress to the next round.

GU16 Eagles vs Guildford
Click here for the full report by Mark Rogers

GU14 Sparrows 3 - 2 Ealing (by Jacqueline Marcomini)
A tough game, but well done to the GU14 Sparrows team who won their plate match 3-2 against Ealing. It was a tough match but the Sparrows’ teamwork and determination really paid off.

Swifts vs Spencer Tigermoths / Spencer Lacewings
Swifts had two games for their plate semi-finals. They unfortunately lost to Spencer Tigermoths 2-1, well done to Zara for scoring the goal. It was a tough first game but congratulations to Kathleen for being selected as Player of the Match!
The Swifts learnt a lot from their first game and managed to beat Spencer Lacewings 3-0 in their second game. Livvy scored a hat-trick in this game and the team played really well overall. Congratulations to Zara for being selected as Player of the Match for the second game. Jessica R also had an outstanding performance across both games and really fought hard to keep her team going!

Falcons vs Richmond
A very tough game for the Falcons, pressure was on as it was a Plate Semi-final and unfortunately they lost 0-1 against Richmond. The Falcons fought hard but were just unable to get the ball in the goal. Well done to everyone and congratulations to Poppy L for a great performance in goal and deserving the title of Player of the Match.

Ospreys vs Upminster
Well done to the Ospreys for beating Upminster 7-1 in their Plate game. Hattie started the scoring off and then Ava, Bonnie x 2 and Jemima x 3 followed with goals afterwards. Iris O played very well in goal, making four saves and keeping a big gap between the scores. Overall, a well deserved victory to the Ospreys and congratulations to Hattie for being selected as Player of the Match.

Magpies vs Sunbury
Very tough game for the Magpies against Sunbury in their Plate Semi-final. The match ended in a 3-2 loss, the girls fought hard and they did have loads of goal scoring opportunities but were just unable to finish it off. The Magpies worked hard, and Pippa T did an incredible job protecting her goal and got selected as Player of the Match.

Swans vs Henley
Swans faced Henley in a Cup game and it was a very challenging game for these girls. The Swans ended up losing 3-2 but they worked very hard as a team and put in a lot of effort. Well done to Isabela for scoring both goals and well done to Phoebe H who played very well in goal making well over 20 saves. Overall this was a tough game and the girls really gave it their all, congratulations to Emma and Isabela for being selected as joint Players of the Match.

Girls U16 Matches

Rovers vs Rangers (internal match)
Click here for full match report by John Woods
Players of the Match were Saran for the Rovers and Sofia/Ayda for the Rangers.

Voyagers vs Sunbury
A very heavy goal scoring game for the Voyagers against Sunbury, winning 15-0! Goals were scored by Aashny x 3, Emily x 3, Jaime x 3, Daisy x 2, Anna x 2, Lexie and Seren. Really outstanding performance from these girls, they took their chances in the D and their attacking was great. Ava didn’t have much work to do in goal, making one save the entire game. Overall, well done to the Voyagers and congratulations to Aashny for being selected as Player of the Match.

Pioneers vs Hampstead & Westminster
Well played from the Pioneers, beating Hampstead & Westminster 3-0. Goals were scored by Millie, Charlotte and Mana. The girls played really well together, Eve did a fantastic job in goal making loads of incredible saves and being selected as Player of the Match. Overall, really well done from the Pioneers and they really deserved the win.

Calypsos vs Old Cranleighans
Very close game for the Calypsos, unfortunately losing 2-1 to OCs. Goal was scored by Iona and assisted by Maddie. The girls played well, and the result was unlucky, Sophia played very well in goal and made three great saves. Well done to Izzy G for being selected as Player of the Match.

Comets vs Sevenoaks
Very competitive game for the Comets against Sevenoaks. The girls worked so hard and fought for the Plate. The game ended 3-3, goals scored by Rhiannon, Daisy, and Alexa. Due to the game ending in a draw, it meant it went down to Shuffles. Lilia, Sofia, Sereya, Rhiannon and Amelie stepped forward to take the shuffles. Sofia, Rhiannon, and Amelie scored their shuffles and three players from Sevenoaks scored too which meant it now went down to sudden death. Lilia went first and scored which meant if Phoebe saved the next shuffle the girls would have won. Phoebe did exactly that and the girls celebrated, and all ran up to her. It was was definitely a proud moment for the parents and players, really well done to everyone and congratulations to Molly O’B for being selected as Player of the Match.

Boys U12 Matches

Performance League
Well done to the Boys U12 A & B teams in their Performance League games.
The A team won two games. They played against Surbiton Bs and won 1-0 and beat Spencer 2-0. They unfortunately lost 2-0 to BromBecks 1-0 to Eastcote.
The B team unfortunately lost all of their games, 2-0 against Eastcote, 1-0 to Surbiton As, 3-1 to BromBecks and 3-0 to Spencer.
Very well played from both teams and it was a fun tournament regardless of the outcomes.

Boys U16 Matches

BU16 Coyotes vs Guildford BU16
Click here for the full report by Will Hayes

GU14 Eagles in action against Guildford (image: Mark Rogers)