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Junior Round Up: 24th March 2024

26th March 2024

By Nat Pirie & Junior Coaches

Girls U14 Swans vs Girls U14 Sparrows

An internal league game between the Swans and Sparrows. Was a close game but the Swans kept possession more in the second half and scored three goals, ending the game in a 3-0 win for the Swans. Misha scored two goals and Jess P scored one goal and was also chosen as Player of the Match for the Swans. Campbell got Player of the Match for the Sparrows.

Girls U16 Pioneers vs Old Georgians

An amazing victory for the Pioneers, beating OGs 6-1 in the Supra-League plate semi- final! Great goals from Chloe L x2, Charlotte G x2, Antonia B and Daisy S. Goals were assisted by Chloe L x2, Antonia B x2 and Charlotte G. Eve did a great job in goal, making incredible saves to keep her team in the game. Well done to everyone in the team and congratulations to Mana M for being chosen as Player of the Match.

Boys U16 Hyenas vs Harrow

Great win to end the season for the Hyenas against Harrow. The game ended with a 5-1 win for the Hyenas! Jake got himself a hat trick and Ben A scored two goals. Well done to Noah in goal, making loads of incredible saves and ensuring his team finished the season with a win. The Hyenas did a great job and congratulations to Michael D for being chosen as Player of the Match.