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GU14 Eagles P - P GU14 Doves

27th February 2024

By Mark Rogers

History was made at the Reeds Arena on Sunday when twins Izzy Eagle and Charlie Dove were selected to face each other in the Eagles versus Doves trophy: the so-called “Battle of the Birds” and one of the headline matches in the 150th anniversary celebrations. However, in the media frenzy that surrounded the build-up to the game, it was the twins’ dad Pete - proud as punch in his homemade half-Eagle, half-Dove costume - who had become a minor celebrity in his own right.

A petition signed by close to 50,000 fans had called in vain for Pete to sing the national anthem as the teams lined up. Clearly overwhelmed with emotion, a tearful Pete explained to the disappointed crowd that “on this great occasion, hockey really should take centre stage and I did not want to be a distraction or embarrass the girls.”

However, hockey did not take centre stage. In a bizarre twist, the state-of-the-art underpitch heating inexplicably failed shortly before the whistle, leaving the pitch frozen, play impossible and the authorities red faced.

After a flurry of feathers, any thoughts of settling the match through a game of rock/paper/scissors quickly passed, both teams in agreement that an honourable draw would be the best outcome for the Eagle-Dove household. And Pete could retire his costume – secretly hoping that his girls would be selected for the Flamingos or the Parrots next year - content in the knowledge that any competition between the twins was best left to a fight over the last roast potato later that day.