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BU16 Coyotes 7 - 2 Winchester BU16 (H)

21st January 2024

By Will Hayes

The Coyotes faced a good fixture against Winchester at Sugden Road. The Christmas period provided a chance for reflection and growth for certain team members: Dexter’s Anger Management Audible series had been consumed during the Xmas break (to good effect), Sammie and James A’s lads-trip-to- Ayia-Napa fade had faded and Toby T and Wabi’s Heelies astros had bedded down meaning the pair of them managed to get 70 minutes without their normal pinned-by-a-sniper routine.

However, Winchester started the game the better side with their skillful midfield number 10 showing great hands and one of their defenders showing some gas down the right hand side. The Coyotes came to their senses and Toby T, in the centre midfield role, began to dictate proceedings by making himself available from 16s and finding forward passes. Sam A was using his pace to good effect down the right wing. Geering was showing his fantastic skills, although it seems as though Geering has dispensed his Obi One skills to someone of South African ancestry and some questionable jewellery choices (15 year males and silver necklaces rarely a good combo)... Killkenny now displaying the same spins and nimbleness of his mentor.

There were some highs and lows throughout the game... James A’s bullet PC drag flick making up for an initial jibbed aerial that wouldn't have had worms ducking for cover, Sammie's neat 3D elimination followed by a push pass of such wetness that would shame a QuickSticks U10 tournament, Coxy’s silky elimination skills putting him back in credit after him spending the first five minutes in some sort of basketball 1-on-1 game where he seemingly wanted to give the ball to his opposing player to set up a tackle box.

The second half brought some good passing hockey from the Coyotes, a number of goals saw the ball played through the thirds and with real quality in the final third. Within a five minute spell the hosts moved into a 4-0 lead. The visitors scored two well taken goals but the force was with Kilkenny and SHC stretched the game to 7-2. Thanks to all the support (home and away) for  braving the inclement weather and thanks to the umps.