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Women’s 6s 5 - 3 Barnes 4s (H)

11th December 2023

By Sophie Rodger

This weekend the Women’s 6s hosted Barnes Ladies 4s for our penultimate game of 2023. Luckily the morning’s torrential rain eased into fair weather just as we finished the warm up giving way to some perfect hockey conditions.

With Jen sidelined by illness, Val donned the captain’s hat and gave us a short-but-sweet team talk encouraging us to control the game from the start and play to our strengths by moving the ball quickly.

The first 10 minutes got off to a shaky start though: Barnes were briefly without a keeper and we struggled to neutralise their advantage of an extra outfield player, giving away an early goal from a rapid counter attack.

However, we soon settled into the game and began to dominate with some quick, composed passing. We were duly rewarded with an equaliser from Val who coolly belted the ball against the oppo’s backboard - and was only narrowly denied a second a couple of minutes later by the post.

Barnes snatched back a second against the run of play, but we soon levelled again through a classy round-the-keeper move from Jess to make it 2-2 by half time.

Three further goals followed in what was a rampant second-half display: Lauren whipped in a stunning PC flick, Taryn deftly converted a zinger of a cross and Jess – proving herself to be practically unmarkable in the D - confidently slotted a fifth past the keeper.

Amidst all this, umpire Ryan got excited and gave Sammy a two-minute time-out on the naughty step after a succession of slightly choppy tackles from the team.

Overall, this was our best game of the season so far in what was a superb collective performance:

  • Ever-dependable Eve made countless brilliant saves throughout the game and has been an absolute rock at the back all season.
  • Centre backs Sammy and Sinead snuffed out a number of dangerous counter attacks and were integral in transferring the ball quickly back up the pitch.
  • Amber and Aoife provided characteristic flare and dynamism as our rapid half backs, pushing high and confidently combining with our mids with their precision passing.
  • In midfield, the work rate of Bethan, Thea, Neve and Ffion was exceptional with all four constantly taking the ball off the oppo, winning 50/50s and driving up the pitch in sweeping attacking moves.
  • Lauren and Rosie dominated the centre, distributing the ball fantastically and proving themselves a constant headache for Barnes.
  • Jess, Val and Taryn worked tirelessly on and off the ball to find space and create chances, and were clinical in their finishing.

POM this week goes to Lauren who was a constant threat whenever she was on the ball. She’s been an incredible asset to us this season and we wish her all the best (and a speedy return!) as she now jets off for a ski season in Colorado!

DOD this week goes to me for not grasping the value of stopping a ball before hitting it!

Finally, huge thanks to Rory and Jen for their support, coaching and sub-running!