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Women’s 6s 1 - 3 Old Cranleighans 2s (H)

2nd October 2023

By Sinead Goodden

Title: Mathematical Analysis of the Surbiton Ladies 6s vs. Old Cranleighans Ladies 2 30th September

Introduction: The local derby match between Surbiton Women’s 6s and Old Cranleighans Women’s 2s was an exciting and closely contested hockey encounter. This report aims to provide a mathematical analysis of the match's key moments and outcomes.

First Half Analysis: In the first half of the match, Surbiton took the lead with a goal scored by Liv from a short corner. The score at half-time was 1-0 in favour of Surbiton. Let's break down the statistics and mathematical aspects of this half:

1. Goal Scoring:

  • Surbiton: 1 goal
  • Old Cranleighans: 0 goals

This indicates that Surbiton had the upper hand in the first half, leading 1-0.

Second Half Analysis: The second half of the match witnessed a significant shift in momentum, with Old Cranleighans making a comeback and dominating play. They scored an equaliser within the first 10 minutes and followed it up with two more goals, securing their victory. Let's analyse the second half mathematically:

1. Goal Scoring:

  • Surbiton: 0 goals
  • Old Cranleighans: 3 goals

The second-half goal tally clearly indicates Old Cranleighans' dominance during this period.

Overall Match Analysis: Taking the entire match into account, we can summarise the mathematical outcomes as follows:

  • Surbiton: 1 goal (first half)
  • Old Cranleighans: 3 goals (second half)

Final Score: Surbiton 1 - 3 Old Cranleighans

Conclusion: The mathematical analysis of the hockey match between Surbiton Women’s 6s and Old Cranleighans Women’s 2s reflects the ebb and flow of the game. Surbiton started strong in the first half, taking an early lead, but Old Cranleighans staged a comeback in the second half, securing a 3-1 victory. The local derby match showcased the dynamic nature of hockey, where momentum can shift quickly, ultimately resulting in a hard-fought victory for Old Cranleighans.

Contenders for POM: Amber, Sammy, Gracie, Liv.

Contenders for DOD: Sinead, Sophie, Liv.

WARNING: all those in full-time education – let this be a lesson to you about using chatgpt to do your work for you – you end up with a dry and dull match report with no personal reflections or analysis!!